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Dr. Ian Stone uses a variety of Chiropractic Treatments to provide patients the best care possible.

Many of our patients come to us having already accepted that they are going to live in pain.

Learn about our successes especially plantar fasciitis.

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Slide Ian is an excellent chiropractor! I have spinal stenosis and his adjustments help with my pain. He also has a massage therapist available who has been very helpful. Additionally he has an infrared sauna and massage chairs that are wonderful.

I drive 25 minutes to get to CHAMP and it’s absolutely worth it!
Barb Q.
I tried quite a few chiropractors when we moved to the Fishers area 7 years ago. Many of them made me feel like I was at a fast food restaurant and got me in as fast as they could get me out.

When I went to Champ I felt like I was treated like a 5 star client. Dr. Ian Stone took the time to get to know me and my back issues. He always takes his time to take care of the areas of pain and just doesn’t do the same routine each time.

Most recently I tried the normatec recovery boots before my adjustment. All I can say is wow what a difference. My recovery time from my workout routine was unbelievable and my adjustment was easier than normal.

I cant give more than 5 stars, otherwise I would.
Trent R.
Slide Kept me injury free and healthy for 8 years. I like the ART and coaching on stretches. Alysia L. Slide I have gone to Dr. Ian Stone off and on for nearly two years for lumbar disk pain. His treatment has made a significant improvement with my back pain. I know that going to him regularly improves my ability to function normally. Thanks Ian! Cindy L. Slide Dr. Stone is AMAZING! Wonderful bedside manners, easy to talk to, and knows his stuff. I went in today for an emergency visit and he was extremely careful and helped ease my pain. I recommend him to all of my friends and family. Emily S.
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