Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a chiropractic adjustment or treatment?

Is the manipulation or chiropractic adjustments of a joint to restore proper motion.  CHAMP chiropractors use various chiropractic services to achieve wellness.

CHAMP’s philosophy for chiropractic adjustments is to review your individual biomechanics, stabilization and mobility of the joints.  Dr. Ian Stone integrates soft tissue work/ muscle work, manipulation, and rehabilitation for a comprehensive chiropractic treatment.

I've never been to a Chiropractor. What can I expect at CHAMP?

First expect to be welcomed by Dr. Ian.  Many of CHAMP’s existing patients had never been to a chiropractor before their first visit.  Dr. Ian will talk you through the entire process.  The first visit is typically 45 minutes, much of this time is dedicated to history and orthopedic tests.  You’ll be advised of a treatment plan on Day 1.
Dr. Stone will also look up your insurance and let you decide the best payment plan.

I used to go to a Chiropractor. What makes CHAMP different?

CHAMP Chiropractors don’t just adjust.  CHAMP is a chiropractic wellness center that focuses on YOU. A chiropractic visit at CHAMP is never just a routine adjustment sometimes your visit may not even include an adjustment.  Dr. Ian focuses on your individual biomechanics.  They will perform a functional movement screen to learn about your deficiencies and develop a treatment plan that will make you perform and feel better.  Chiropractic visits at CHAMP often include soft tissue or muscle work like GRASTON, ART, or Cold Laser.  CHAMP Chiropractors believe and practice the belief that an adjustment without muscle therapy isn’t enough to eliminate pain and heal an injury.

What happens if I am a new patient?

Dr. Ian is looking forward to meet you. We will send you a patient intake form for you to have ready at your first appointment. At your first appointment, he will review your history and take orthopedic tests to determine your treatment plan. Dr. Ian will also run your insurance and give you options for payment.

Do you require X-Rays?


Depending on the results of your orthopedic tests and history, it may be necessary to get an x-ray.

Do you examine children at CHAMP?


Dr. Ian sees patients of every age. As a Dad himself, he interacts great with children at parents to put them at ease.

Insurance and Billing

Do you accept my insurance?

Our Medical Centre accepts most of the internationally recognized Insurance companies with affiliate.

If this is not your case, or if you have no insurance coverage then you will be expected to pay the bill in cash or credit card at the end of consultation. The original receipt, the signed copy of the credit card bill, the medical report in English and the results of tests performed are given to you in order to be delivered to your private or state insurance for reimbursement.

An estimate of consultation fees and costs, investigations or surgery are available on request.

Do I need referral?

If you have private insurance with an affiliate, the referral can be sent from your insurance company to us by fax or e-mail. We suggest that you contact your insurance in order to obtain this referral before your visit to our offices.

If you don’t have an insurance coverage, feel free to come to our Medical Centre. The billing procedure is as explained above.

Can CHAMP treat more than my back?


In fact Dr. Ian has had several patients that weren’t comfortable with spinal manipulation but needed treatment for carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and golf/tennis elbow (medial epicondylitis or lateral epicondylitis). Other sports injuries like rotator cuff injury, IT band strain can benefit greatly from the soft tissue therapies. Dr. Ian is certified in GRASTON Technique and Active Release Therapy.

At CHAMP we can continue to help you after surgery with rehabilitation and soft tissue therapy.

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